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Dr. Björn Pospiech

Portrait Dr. Björn Pospiech

Doctor of Medical Psychology

Martial Arts Master
(school owner since 2007)

Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer

Coach for Unfolding Your Potential

I am Dr Björn Pospiech and my guiding principle in life and coaching is summed up in my motto 'Do for Life'. This motto is much more than just a phrase; it represents my commitment to helping individuals build a positive, confident and self-determined path in life. The word 'Do' resonates with me in two profound ways:

  • Do as a holistic approach: Derived from East Asian philosophy, 'Do' symbolises the integration of physical, mental, social, spiritual and mindful elements. This holistic approach is the foundation of my coaching, where every aspect of wellbeing is intricately connected and equally important.
  • Do for Life - Lifelong enrichment: I am a firm believer in finding and nurturing something that not only enriches you, but accompanies you throughout your life's journey. This enduring passion or practice becomes a lifelong companion, continually fostering growth and fulfilment.

My philosophy is that change begins with attitude. It is a comprehensive growth process - physical, mental, social, spiritual and mindful. In everything I do, I aim to consider and consciously nurture this growth. As humans, our evolution is deeply rooted in physical movement. I see movement and physical health as gateways to mental, psychological and spiritual growth. This holistic development is the key to unlocking the full potential of each person, leading to a unified and harmonious existence.

In the Health Adventure Programme, my role is to guide, support and inspire you on your journey to holistic health. Together we will embark on a transformative journey that transcends conventional wellness paradigms and embraces the full spectrum of health and well-being.

Coach for potential unfolding and development

2023 with Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther

Doctor of Medical Psychology

2014 at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg

Diploma in Business Informatics

2005 at the Mannheim Dual University of Applied Sciences


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